THIS! (“:

I won’t say I’ll never hurt you. Chances are I will. I’ll make mistakes. I’ll break promises. I’ll fight with you. I’ll make you scream. I’ll make you not want to be with me anymore. But even so, I will always learn from my mistakes. I’ll never give up on us. I’ll always apologize. I’ll always love you. I’m not perfect. I never will be. But I also don’t want to be dishonest and promise you things I can’t keep. I’d rather show you my faults and try to make up for them. ♥


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5th thing I love (:

ME: Gawa niyo na?

SS: Wala eto inom, you?

ME: Inom din. Hahahahaha! :))

SS: Ng???????

ME: Secret! :))

SS: Ayyyyyyy!


ME: Sarap uminom. :)

SS: Ano iinom mo ha?!

ME: Secret nga! (=

SS: Imposibleng alak yan :) magpapaalam naman sakin baby ko e :)

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